A home for well being and harmony



1. Vladimir Blagus -  Velenje, Slovenia. (May 2013)

Quarterly living with the farm, nature, people, and this picturesque place has given me an uneraseable mark on my life. I am happy because I could experience the beautiful and powerful energy of this land, especially extremely fresh, balmy air, deep peace, and totally unpolluted soil. Nature here is a real treasure and produces healthy products that reimburse our health. I admired streams with alive energetic  water that we can drink directly. Although we have a large and intense work, it was in this environment pleasant and kept us always in good condition. Walks around the farm were always a pleasant experience. Farm manager Paul is a person who gives you a lot with every word, gesture and with the confidence that inspires. He is full of constant optimism and a fountain of ideas for  upgrading the farm. Anyone who chooses to stay here or come just to visit, will leave richer. In any case, it is my desire to return to this unusually interesting place again!


2. Kapitan & Marina, Vancouver Canada. (2013, 2014)

If you want to reconnect with the nature – Sonho De Urso is the place like no other. Located far from big cities in a beautiful valley covered by million star sky, farm offers lots of hiking trails with breathtaking views. We are most grateful to Paul for warm hospitality and sharing with us his vision of healthy holistic living. We are looking forward to come again!


3. Matej ┼Żeleznik - Celje, Slovenia. (Maj 2014)

Elements in their purest form!

In quest of balance, life meaning and in urgent need for some peace and recharge of energy, I finally after 3 years decided to visit farm Sonho De Urso in Brazil.

I came without expectations and found beautiful peace of land, bursting with life, houses build with taste of recycling and sustainability and people who I can call good friends and brothers, living in peace and harmony with nature, but still having the basic luxury of civilised world.

After 1 month of living on the farm, eating delicious food from the farm and from other neighbour farms, experiencing unforgettable moments with my dear friends and travelling to different places in the state of Minas Gerais, I can say, that this farm really is a jewel which touched my soul deeply.

After finally coming home, I still was the same person, but something was different ... Fear, insecurity, doubts and all other negative thoughts, coming from hectic everyday life were gone. Thoughts became more focused and heart became fuller of love, peace and compassion.

Try it, feel it, visit it!


4. Sasa Starovojtov - Art, Design, Aikido - Ljubljana, Slovenia. (October 2015)

Sonho De Urso - what an amazing place! Brought me right back to nature and revealed its beauty. What impressed me the most was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from Paul, and his dedication to conserving the natural environment. Ayahuasca ceremony was the most profound and spiritual experience, I felt love and inspiration. I look forward to returning soon. No one should go through life without experiencing this. True off-the-grid time! (Even 2 weeks is too short). Thanks to everyone who took care of us!


5. Dejan Mihoci - Catering Operations Manager. and Health Enthusiast. London. (May 2015)

However much we enjoy city life, everyone needs to reconnect with nature once in a while to feel renewed...a mind-holiday; I cleared my mind, experienced stillness and found peace within. Coming back to London, I was able to hear myself in this frenzied everyday world.....