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  • Slow food experience inspired by Adriatic cuisines
  • Wine tasting with our European Sommelier – Adriatic wine terroir 
  • Two night stay at Sonho De Urso in Goncalves, The hills of Mantiqueira,
€359,38 – includes accommodation, wine and slow food experience and more…




Adriatic wine and slow food experience, Goncalves, Mantiqueira, Brazil.

How would you like to experience the well-matured flavours of Veneto and Slovenia just in two days without flying there? Join us on our Adriatic wine and food experience at our refuge set in the magnificent hills of  Mantiqueira (just 3 hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil). Over the weekend our sommelier...Read more ...


The weekend experience includes:

  • - Three night stay at Sonho De Urso Refuge.
  • - Arrival Friday night or Saturday morning as desired.
  • - Saturday: Six course slow-dining accompanied by wines from the Adriatic wine terroir, carefully selected to tease the palate.
  • - Sunday: focus on wine tasting with, Patricia Randl, our sommelier from Slovenia
  • - wooden oven pizzas and salads from the organic gardens of Goncalves.
  • - Trekking, Yoga or relaxing by a natural pool in our forest.
  • - Monday: organic face mask workshop followed by brunch - freshly mixed smoothies, hearty omelletes, pancakes, local cheeses, fruits and more lovely surprises from the hosts.

Slovenia and Veneto – wine terroir:

Rebula, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and red wines, such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Karst Region wine has a very full flavour due to the red Karst soil (terra rosa). Refošk and Teran are considered as medicinal and have been used over centuries to help with heart problems aswell as other difficult health conditions. The reason for the specific notes of Malvazia from Istra region are definitely two different types of soil.

Veneto’s wines are some of Italy’s best known exports – the names of Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella are world famous.

Some of the important wine producers in the region of Istra are: Marjan Simcic, Movia wines, Kabaj, Amarone di Valpolicella, Massi wines, Francecorta wines, Markezic and Kozlovic.

Our sommelier Patricija will be choosing some of her favourites for our tasting experience in Brazil. If you are curious and would like more details on the wines and their regions, please click here…

Wine in glass


The tastes of Adriatic regions are the tastes of local nature: vegetables from typical gardens, grains from local fields, wild food from green nature, fruit from the orchards and forests of one of the most wooded countries in Europe, traditionally prepared meat dishes and dairy goods from pastures. 
Its easily said that the most famous and valued mushroom comes from the Istrian region – Tartufo.


Patricia, born and raised in Slovenia spent her childhood helping her father and uncle on their organic farm. This inspired her to dedicate her path to nature and growing food that matters. She studied agriculture science and then continued her master studies in horticulture and fruit science at Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. She soon fell in love with ethnology, wine tasting and became a wine sommelier. 

Currently, she is working in London focusing on food growing and training young people into Horticulture. Her aim is to educate communities how to grow organic, nutritious ingredients and turn them into delicious meals without any supplements..! Her passion towards wine and food spurred her into the use of pure ingredients in preparing Adriatic and other dishes. She will be the lead chef and sommelier this weekend along with the help of other eclectic individuals. 
Patricija Randl, Msc Horticulture

Do you want to get more inside stories? Follow Patricia on instagram @patrishar



Sonho De Urso is a refuge for well-being and re-connecting with the Self. We have four houses for rental, built with focus on peace, spectacular views and privacy. All our houses were built using a mixture of old and new. Demolition materials and recycling have been incorporated where possible. The spaces we offer are great for living, playing, observing, cooking…. Each of the houses has ample room for 6 people. Bedrooms/mezzanine spaces are shared between two persons. 


For more details on each house please have a look at the pictures of the houses individually under the link for Charming Houses


For further details contact Paul:

  • - WhatsApp: +55 11 93800 1727
  • - E-mail: info@sonhodeurso.com


Natural Pool


More information on the Wines of Capo D’Istra.


Primorska wine region of Slovenia 

The wine-growing region of Primorska is renowned for strong, dry wines. The Brda, Vipava, Karst, and Istrian wine roads run across the region. In the Brda Hills, directly on the border with Italy, renowned Slovenian wine-makers produce white wines, such as Rebula, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, and red wines, such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Karst Region is the area where special Slovenian wine is produced – Teran. This wine has a very full flavour due to the red Karst soil (terra rosa). In the Slovenian Istria Region, known for the white Malvazija wine, quite a bit of the red Refošk wine is also grown. In the Vipava Valley, in addition to the established white and red wines, you can also taste indigenous wines, such as Zelen, Pinela, and Pikolit.
Some of the more famous wine producers from Primorska wine regions are Marjan Simcic, Movia wines and Kabaj. 


Wine region of Croatia – Istra 

Let us try to grasp the secret of Istrian wine for a moment.... The most significant sort is certainly the Istrian Malvasia. It is a white sort grown on almost two thirds of the entire grapevine plantations extending over this area. The reason for specific notes of Malvazia from Istra region are definitely two different types of soil – the red soil (terrarossa) most common in the coastal area, enriching the wine structure and marly soil in the hinterland where, as a rule, we tend to come upon the wines with a more delicate bouquet.
The wine producers from this region were spotted by Mr. Robert Parker, who sets global winel trends. Two recognised producers of this region are definitely Markezic and Kozlovic.


Veneto region – Wines of Italy

Veneto’s wines are some of Italy’s best known exports – the names of Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella have long been associated with eminently drinkable Italian wines. Yet there is a lot more to this region, and indeed a lot more behind the names of its best known wines. 
The hills surrounding the city of Verona produce the most famous and important wines of the region, such as Bardolino (DOC red, white, novello and spumante), Bianco di Custoza (DOC), Valpolicella and Soave. In the family of Valpolicella there is the Amarone di Valpolicella, considered to be one of the best Italian red wines at an international level. 
One of the biggest producers in Veneto is definetly Massi wines, with remarkable Valpolicella and Francecorta wines. 


Adriatic wine and food experience - Continued

Over the weekend, our sommelier - Patricija Randl from Slovenia will inspire you with wines and dishes from the historic region of Capo D’Istra, Capo D’Istra was considered to be the jewel of the Venetian crown. The Venetians ruled this area of the Adriatic for over a thousand years. Rich families came here from around the world for the pine groves, healing spas, great food and the comforting micro-climate.
Our dishes will be prepared in the traditional style of Capo D’Istra, using seasonal, organic produce grown on our and other local farms. Our team consists of super energetic Brazilian-Slovene lovers of wine and food, so be ready for a very authentic weekend. Back to introduction...


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