A home for well being and harmony

Sonho De Urso Refuge

Sonho De Urso Refuge



Is a refuge for leisure, well-being and re-connecting with the Self

  • Set in the magnificent Mantiqueira, in the south of Minas Gerais, some 1100 - 1800 m above sea level, the region is teaming with culture, prana and wildlife.

Sonho De Urso Refuge

Twenty to thirty years ago similar minded people decided to allow mother nature to speak it’s own special way.

The local forests were allowed to spring back to life bringing with them an abundance of fresh water, animal life and a wide variety of Atlantic forest vegetation. Large parts of Serra Mantiqueira are protected by governmental organs: IBAMA, INCRA, IEF, APA FERNAO DIAS, CETESB and more. The entire region is excellent for trekking, climbing, cycling, horse riding, 4x4 excursions, waterfall and river trails and more.

fresh water

The nearest towns, Goncalves and Sao Bento do Sapucai, are well known as an escape for those who value, a micro-climate, nature, organic produce and culture.

With so many Paulistanos enjoying weekends and holidays in this region, small gourmet kitchens serving fine wines and artisan enclaves have become a permanent feature in Goncalves. We are approximately 3 hours from Sao Paulo and 5 hours from Rio De Janeiro.


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