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Hemp And Herbs In Everyday Life - 5 Day Event (2018)



How to feel and look better? Simple...With some help of Mother Nature!

  • - Learning of practical skills for everyday life.
  • - Making your own natural product.
  • - Hemp Wellness.

Rich heritage of 150 years old farm Vrhivšek, amazing knowledge of their current owners and the comfort of Thermana Laško, will take us to amazing experience of Slovene nature.


Industrial Hemp
Hemp Event

Workshops on Vrhivšek farm

1.) Industrial hemp - from forbidden, demonized plant to well used products form it in culinary and cosmetics (6-hour workshop)
Industrial hemp was because of her relative marihuana and its cannabinoid THC long time on branch line. Even though that its usefulness was known in ancient times. In time after II. World war was obligatory for every farm to cultivate hemp because of the hemp fiber need to produce textile and ropes. Later on situation changed because of different lobbies influence and from promising plant hemp ended up on the list of dangerous drugs. Read more...

2.) How to put scent of herbs into small bottles? (6-hour workshop)
Herbs, their scents and other components plays very important role in our daily life. In the past knowledge about their use was hidden behind monastery walls.  And nowadays is totally different. We can find herbs in meadows or we even plant them at the edge of our gardens where delight us with the look or smell.  They can be used on fresh or dry basis at food and cosmetic preparation. Read more...


1.) DAY 1 – Arrival at the Laško Thermal Park and relaxation through the rest of the day.

2.) Day 2 – Introduction to self-sufficiency (Nature’s Classroom project), Ecological farm (crop tasting).

3.) Day 3 – Hemp workshop.

4.) Day 4 – Herbs workshop.

5.) Day 5 – Relaxation in Thermana Laško (massage, sauna, pool).

Hemp oil
Thermana Laško wellness


Laško thermal springs were well known even to the Romans and throughout the years, Zdravilišče Laško has evolved into one of the most modern centres of medical and wellness tourism in Slovenia.
Thermana Park Laško offers endless ways for the relaxation of body and mind. You can start your journey in the Thermal Water Drinking Hall, where a glass of the Laško thermal water will stimulate and revitalize your body while improving your well-being. You will find a wide range of inspiring water relaxations under the unique glass dome. The Wellness Spa Centre offers a wide range of massages, baths and other high-quality relaxation treatments and care services. Among them the Beer and Honey Wellness treatments that offer an unique experience in which you can indulge only in Laško.

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1.) Industrial hemp - from forbidden, demonized plant to well used products form it in culinary and cosmetics

Farm Vrhivšek find opportunity in cultivating this plant which personify their way of life - natural, healthy and full of energy! Hemp is nature friendly for cultivating (doesn't need pesticides and cleans the soil) and multi using products from it are endless. Hemp is mostly used for culinary and health purpose, less known is its use in cosmetics. Vrhivšek farmers daily use hemp products and test their influence on their state of health.


  • - Overview of hemp use from ancient time till today
  • - Visiting hemp crop at Vrhivšek farm
  • - Presentation and degustation of hemp products (hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp tea, hemp sediment, hemp hydrosol, hemp essential oil...)
  • - Influence of fatty acids, cannabinoids, terpenes, proteins on our state of health
  • - Cutting hemp flowers for making tea
  • - Lunch
  • - Benefits and traps of using hemp products in culinary and cosmetics
  • - Practical making of cosmetic product: hemp bath salt
  • - Practical making of culinary product: hemp energetic balls
  • - Present to take home: hemp cookies package, hemp flour and hemp tea


2.) How to put scent of herbs into small bottles?

The smelly part of herbs can be stored in little bottles with the transformation process, called steam distillation. During that process essential oils and hydrosol are produced and they can be used as part of perfumes, repellents or other cosmetic products. Even Cleopatra was well aware of herb power and she used them very frequently - why won't you? 


  • - Meaning and use of herbs on daily basis
  • - Presentation of plants in herb garden Vrhivšek
  • - Botanical classification of herbs: lavender, balm, sage, mint...
  • - How to prepare herbs for further use
  • - Lunch
  • - Steam distillation
  • - Essential oils and hydrosol - what is this and how to use?
  • - Present to take home: hydrosol bottle

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